Civistructs Limited

To bring to each project the highest level of service, experience, quality, professionalism and continuity that enables us to provide attractive, functional and cost-effective projects for our clients while making Civistructs the employer of choice.
Our Core Values
Growth for all
Our Services
Road and Earth Works
Irrigation and Water Sewerage
Steel Fabrications
Mechanical Services
Electrical Services
flat roofs water proofing
Alluminium and Glass partitions
Land scaping and redecorations of walk-way
Minor repairs and renovations

Quality Assurance Policy

Civistructs is committed to providing high quality engineering & construction services that meet internationally recognized standards, specification and practices.
We recognize the sovereignty of the client as our driving force and commit ourselves as a team to attaining and exceeding the expectations of our clients and all other stakeholders

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance forms the basis of all our systems, structures and culture of acting responsibly. Corporate governance ensures that the manner in which we manage and control the company, treat the stakeholders and our interactions with the environment, is done with respect, integrity, transparency and responsibility.
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